June 12th

Apart from decreasing global emissions, igniting amazing solidarity and support networks or changing our dynamics concerning work-private life balance, Covid-19 has had another positive effect on our society: the acceleration of the digitalisation of a thousand and one things. In our industry, the winners are ease-of-use, efficiency, visibility, speed, transparency, to name only a few.

In the payments field, we can indeed see a new World developing on the horizon.

From a strong quest of universality (one payment method does it all), Covid-19 has led us to a great acceleration of the alternative payments movement, reinforcing the offer of payments with specific usage, dedicated to certain geographical zones and/or limited in time. Digitalisation together with cash use restrictions, interpersonal distance, constraints to shop locally, … have hastened the development of instant, contactless and peer to peer payments, and the emergence of new cards and solutions.

Very recently, our ministers have announced their intention to use an Alternative Payment method as a tool to relaunch our economy.

This Friday June 12th, FinTech Belgium has invited several experts to the webinar on the Coronavirus Homeworking Challenge to see how Alternative Payments solutions can help the economic rebound.



Replay here


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