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Crowdfunding platform – Social impact & Sustainable economy
Tags: #Crowdfunding #Investment #Social #Sustainable #International
Twitter: @1001PACT




ABSI – Automated Business Scenario Identifier by BANYAS bvba – is an SAP Add-On for automated identification, documentation and analytics of business processes. ABSI brings a revolutionary innovation into the world of ERP systems. Plug it in and discover the real business processes of your organization.
Tags: process mining, business process, analytics
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Beebonds is a platform which informs you about opportunities to invest into projects with great financial returns !
Tags: Crowdfunding, crowdlending, Investment, International lending, alternative finance
Twitter :@BeebondsFinance

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Birdee is a digital investment solution dedicated to Mass Affluent investors. Its aim is to make savings management easy and accessible for all, matching the simplicity and cash availability of saving accounts with the performance of mutual funds. Therefore, we created two offers : a Birdee Institutional, dedicated to financial institutions, and a Birdee Money Experts, directly targeted to the end-user.
Tags: #robo-advisor
Twitter : @birdee_co
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Buy Way Personal Finance

Prayment solutions and Business Process
Outsourcing Payment solutions & Financing solutions
Twitter: @BuyWay
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Co-libry is a data driven digital real estate market place. The combination of an advanced search engine, a loan and notary costs calculator and the connection to service providers (banks, telco’s, electricity providers…), makes your search for a home easier and more user-friendly. Their mission is to become a one-shop market place, where you start with your search for a house or apartment and end with moving into your new home.

Tags: user-friendly, AI, real estate, advanced search, open data
Twitter: @colibrybe
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Data.be structured the official business data for all Belgian companies. Data.be offers a wide range of financial tools and APIs to enrich invoice and payment info, prevent B2B fraud, enable predictive CRM , provide financial reports & scoring, OCR solutions, text mining and full text search solutions.
Tags: Business data, API, financial scoring, fraud detection, B2B payment info enrichment, predictive CRM
Twitter: @DataBe
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Deposit Solutions

Deposit Solutions is the provider of the leading Open Banking platform for deposits connecting banks and depositors across Europe. Our mission is to establish Open Banking as the new industry standard for the deposits business.
TagsRetail deposits, financing for banks, innovation
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Digiteal is a european e-Invoicing *2C bill presentment platform (http://www.digiteal.eu). In a nutshell, it enables the customers to get all their digital bills in one place to manage them more easily.
Tags: B2C invoices; e-payment; e-invoices; QR code
Twitter: @DgTeal
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Easyvest is a fast-growing online financial advisor that is on a crusade to help all Belgians grow their hard-earned money in a smart, simple, personalized, low-cost, and educative way. This is what drives our team of Easyvalets every day.
Tags: #robo-advisor #investing
Twitter: @HelloEasyvest
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Ecco Nova

Ecco Nova is the first Belgian crowdfunding platform fully dedicated to the energy transition
Tags: Crowdfunding / Renewable energy / sustainable
Twitter: @ecconova
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Edebex is an online marketplace where companies sell their outstanding invoices within 72 hours to interested investors. This enables them to optimize their cash flow and ensures they have enough working capital available for daily expenditures. Edebex was founded in 2013 and is currently active in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and recently Portugal.

Tags: invoice trading cash-flow financing
Twitter: @Edebex
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Ewala is a digital platform that allows users to send mobile credits to more than 400 telecom operators in +140 countries. With their user friendly platform, Ewala is the diaspora’s N°1 choice when it comes to sending airtime. We connect 4.5 billion mobile phones across emerging markets and we’ll plug many more phones in the near future.
TagsAirtime, Transfer, Remittances
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European Bitcoin Trading Machine (EBTM)

We operate Bitcoin ATMs. We provide exchange services EUR or USD in to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
Tags: Bitcoin, ATM, Cryptocurrencies, Exchange
Twitter: @Euro_Bitcoin_TM

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Our Mission is to assist financial organizations rethink their Business Model, adapt to the new Digital World, seize new Opportunities, embrace new Technologies and Roll-Out new Services. In other words: Achieve Your Goals.

We aim at helping our clients transform disruption into opportunity through three business practices:

  • Services
  • Solutions
  • Ventures & Innovation

Tags: Payment card, electronic payment, reconciliation, forecast, profitability analysis
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software solution to manage securities life cycle and data distribution over a blockchain
Tags: securities on the blockchain

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Hoolders.com is the first co-funding plateform.
It allows every individual to become shareholders alongside with professionnals investors (Hoolders itself, VC, Bank, Family office, Business Angels, …) of innovative companies on the most promissing sectors only :
– Health : e-health, biotech, medtech
– Silver economy (Senior market)
– IoT / Big Data and Robotics
Launched in 2014, Hoolders has invested 5ME with his 42 000 community” Tags: Co-Funding, StartUp, Investment
Twitter: @hoolders
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The Financial Services Platform for SMEs.
Offering what it calls Banking-As-A-Platform (BAAS), IbanFirst aims to aggregate all the Fintech Services around its own IBAN account.
The Fintech has designed an automated B2B onboarding process that allows SMEs to open a Belgian account in two minutes and access to the IbanFirst platform.
Tags: SME / Payments / BAAS / IBAN / International
Twitter: @IbanFirst

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Ingenico ePayments

Financial Services for Online Business
Tags: Payments, Collecting, Payment Methods
Twitter: @Ingenico_ePymts
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Real time payments, cash management. Core expertise in financial integration and middleware solutions
Tags: @IntellectEU
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P2B crowdlending crowdlending
Tags: SMEs Fintech
Twitter: @LookAndFin
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Payment terminals / Payment cards / Processing services
Tags: Payment, terminals, cards, processing, mobile
Twitter: @Loyaltek
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First online wealth management, distribution platform for investment products
Tags: investment funds with or without advice
Twitter: @medirectbank
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iMoneytrans Corporate

Moneytrans, European leader in high-speed international money transfers, is no newcomer to the game: its savoir faire is backed by 12 years of experience. Moneytrans is a Belgian payment institution certified by the National Bank of Belgium. A real change from the traditionally onerous and user-unfriendly resources, iMoneytrans Corporate is a truly breath of fresh air in the industry, bringing both simplicity and savings through optimal use of new technologies.

Tags: Money Transfer, Disruptive, Innovative, High-tech, Pure player, Efficiency
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Monizze develops and provides digital & payment solutions that improve the wellbeing of employees and the performance of the companies. It support merchants develop their turnover and stimulate loyalty of their clients prepaid
Tags: payment – meal voucher – eco-voucher – loyalty – couponing
Twitter: @upmonizze
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mozzeno.com is the first belgian fintech player allowing investors to invest indirectly in consumer loans granted by mozzeno
Tags: lending, investment, alternative finance
Twitter: @mozzeno
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MyMicroInvest strives to improve the world by empowering entrepreneurs. On Belgium’s biggest equity and debt crowdfunding platform, the crowd can invest as of €100, alongside professional investors, in European start-ups and scale-ups. We also manage two venture capital funds, which invest in companies that support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
Tags: #investmentcrowdfunding #fintech #start-up #scale-up #investmentplatform #venturecapital #impactinvesting #equity #debt
Twitter: @mymicroinvest
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We enable communities to collect and disburse money transparently
Tags: communities,crowdfunding,opensource,meetups,expenses
Twitter: @opencollect
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Smart contracting products, based on blockchain technology, that facilitates bankers, treasurers by automating a part of their daily activities
Tags: Blockchain, Smart contracting, Bitcoin, Payment Services
Twitter: @orillia_be
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Surprisingly simple mobile payments
Tags: #cashisover #p2p #instore #online #surprisinglysimple
Twitter: @Payconiq

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POM – Pay and Archive your invoices in one click!
Tags: Mobile payments, e-invoicing, administrative simplification
Twitter: @Just_POM_it

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Private Lending

PrivateLending is the first Peer to Peer platform in Belgium that connects Corporate Borrowers and Sophisticated Investors through Private Corporate Debt
Tags: Peer to peer, Lending Platform
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Digital Insurance Broker
Tags: Digital, Insurance, Broker, insurtech, assurtech
Twitter: @HelloSeraphin
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SOFORT was founded in 2005, offering products and services for secure shopping of goods
and digital products on the Internet. Among other things, the company provides the payment
system SOFORT, being the market leader in direct payment systems in Germany and
Austria. SOFORT is currently available in 13 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic,
France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Switzerland and
the UK.
Tags: Standard for European bank transfer

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Swanest is an online investment service that uses automation & algorithms to help self-directed investors in building and managing personalised investment portfolios.
Tags: online investing, robo-advice, investment advice, brokerage
Twitter: @Swanest_
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Building a digital bridge between investors and investment strategies.
TradeRouter delivers flexible, multi-language and broker-independent investment solutions, specifically aimed at social and automated trading.
Tags: social trading, automated trading, robo-investing
Twitter: @TradeRouter
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The solution for organizing Group Expenses, after a trip or a group activity… Fast, free and simple. Also available on Facebook, for iPhone and Android.
Tags: group expenses balance mobile payment
Twitter: @tricount
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Twikey has a simple and safe solution to negotiate in an easy way recurring payments (subscriptions or services) or paying afterwards via webshops, face-2-face contacts, via mail or via tablet on accounts with more than 3700 European banks. Twikey works together with popular accounting-, CRM systems, and webshop engines and is the first operational Mandate Service Provider in Belgium and the Netherlands with partnerships with Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, KBC, Bank J. Van Breda, Crelan, ING, Rabobank, ABN-Amro.
Tags: SEPA eMandates and collections
Twitter: @twikey

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